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Teal and Agile Organizations
Our tool environment will allow you to transform your organization
in a flexible, horizontal, network, self-organizing
structure with effective communications.
Tools for support and evolution
Live Organizations
We have prepared for you a powerful set of tools that allows you to work with Turquoise organizations.
Interactive, non-structural organization structure
Scope Map service will allow you to visualize the current organizational structure, even in a continuous process of transformation and transformation.
Tools for developing and managing roles in circles
The Scope Manager service will allow you to show all the roles and responsibilities of roles in each round, assign suitable people to each role, and also create a comfortable environment for interacting with roles with each other.
Global smart search across the organization and its circles, roles
In the Scope Map Service, at any time, any employee can access what the current organization looks like, look for the responsibility, service or role that is important to him.
Tools for building a culture of meetings and communications
The MeetingTool Service has gathered best practices and tools for meetings on such methodologies as Scrum, Collab, Holacracy. Also in this group of services, users can manage their own summons and manage meetings.
Analytical tools for developing the maturity of the circles
In the Dashboard Service it is possible to configure various filters to visualize the current state of the entire organization or individual circles and projects. The automated system continuously analyzes many parameters to support the guarantee of success of changes.
Tools for dealing with tensions and conflicts
The whole organization at any time is absolutely transparent on the topic of emerging tensions, conflicts or the opposite manifestations of energy and activity. All Tools Teal One is based on the concept of Tension-Driven / Purpose Driven, where tension and energy are the main parameters for self-organization.
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Unified system for different methodologies and tools
The Teal One system is designed to integrate and integrate various tools for new tasks of Turquoise and Flexible organizations aimed at self-organization, service-orientation, flexibility.
The initial package of Teal.One Services includes the Tools for working with the Organizational Structure, Circles and Roles Creation Tools, and the Meeting Tool.
scope map
Teal One Scope Map - The best tool available at the moment to transform the organizational structure into a flexible, horizontal, service-oriented hierarchy of destinations.
Scope Map service is the best service for transformations described in the books of F.Lalu: "The way we try to solve the current problems of organizations, often exacerbates them, and does not correct them. Most organizations go through many stages of reorganization, centralization and decentralization, through the introduction of new information technologies, new tasks, the proclamation of new "missions." However, it seems that the existing method of managing organizations has almost exhausted itself, and all these traditional recipes are often themselves part of the problem, not its solution.
We are striving for something bigger, for fundamentally new and better ways of organizing people's joint work. But is it really possible or is it just an impossible dream? If all the same organizations that are able to more fully reveal the potential of man can be created, then how should they look? How to breathe life into them? These are the questions that underlie this book. ", Frederic Lalu

Teal Organizations:
Reinventing organizations, by Frederic Laloux, 2014: The way we manage organizations seems increasingly out of date.
More about the Service Scope Map
By clicking on the button below you will be able to study in more detail the various tools offered by the Scope Map service for visualizing and transforming the organizational structure and also a common culture of interaction.
Circle manager
Various tools for managing self-organizing, flexible and fast teams in the process of collaborative work. Circle Manager is mainly used to manage the model of roles and responsibilities within one circle, as well as to measure the maturity of various collaborative parameters, such as: Maturity of the Roles within a specific circle, Maturity of the Circle Rules, Maturity of the Circle and Roles Purpose, Maturity of Responsibilities and Services rendered by the circle and roles. In addition, Circle Manager provides you with really powerful management tools: managing members of the circles, assigning participants to specific roles and other various teamwork tools within a changing and flexible circle structure.
Scope Manager is the most effective tool for implementing the changes described in the book "Holocracy" by Brian Robertson: "The main problems of large companies are bureaucracy and a rigid hierarchy. In this situation, employees are limited to job descriptions and managerial will, over which there are several managers, the general director and the board of directors. Any decisions are taken either incredibly long, or bypassing the rules and regulations. The rights and duties of each employee are reliably recorded in the job description, which rarely has anything to do with reality, which leads to absolute lack of transparency and blurring of responsibility - there is no understanding of who is doing what and with whom to ask for something. The CEO is painfully motivated by the technical director, CTO calls on the project manager's carpet, he accuses all the Product Owner, then PO goes to the team and ordinary developers and the chain continues. All are to blame, but who will correct and whether it will not be clear. " Brian J. Robertson, Holacracy, 2015

The Holacracy:
by Brian Robertson, 2015. The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World
More about the "Circle Manager" App
Click the button below to visit the Circle Manager service page to learn all the tools for working with circles, roles and the organization's maturity.
Meeting tool
A well thought-out and powerful system for holding meetings within circles allows one to transform the practice of the organization and the entire culture of communications as a whole. A special library, integrated into the application, allowing to conduct the practice of meetings on various collaborative methodologies (Holcracy, Scrum, Collab, Self-Org), and also to create your own methodology library, meeting and script templates in the Editor supplementary application for meeting scenarios ..
The most convenient way to transform your usual practice: more than 120 best practices for implementing the flow of meetings. Learn more about the practice of meetings and the methodology of cooperation in Cecil Greene's book: "Cooperation that works": mercilessly practical guidance for a new world. This book is for single-minded people and organizations committed to creating a better world. This is a powerful tutorial for an effective and highly trained set of methods of communication, Collab. These methods together, quickly metabolize organizational problems into productive solutions for all types of organizations, providing a more efficient organization that can effectively realize goals. Beginning with the introduction of the new theory of power and communication, this book also includes 52 process cards for meetings with a step-by-step implementation guide and an integrated maturity monitoring system for meetings. " Cecil Green and Daniel Little

Cecile Green, D.Little
Collaboration that Works is a book for mission-driven individuals and organizations committed to creating a better world.
Explore Meeting Tool and Meeting Editor
Before starting to work actively with the practice of the best collections, integrated into the library of the methodology of the Meeting Tool, visit the tutorial on mastering the basic functionality of the meeting tool and the meeting editor service.
Dashboard service for visualization and monitoring of the maturity of the organization, as well as achievements in various maturity parameters, such as parameters of the maturity of the communication culture, parameters of the maturity of the culture of cooperation, maturity parameters of the culture of thinking in the whole throughout the organization, as well as in each individual circle or role, or separately taken employee.
Interactive Dashboard Service
At any time, you can access the overall picture of the current state of the entire organization or individual circles, roles, employees in real time.
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