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Tools for Agile and Teal Organizations
Powerful Corporate Setup of the Interactive Tools to build an effective environment for collaboration.
Applications for Organizational Structure and Design
Use an interactive visual presentation of your organization to explore your actual organization's structure and design. Use the smart search for specific roles and associated members by a simple click. In futuristic interaction interface you could navigate and explore with your organization's circles, roles and their accountabilities and alias.
Applications for Openness and Transparency
Openness and transparency make all the tactics explicit and help to govern the processes inside an organization in a real time. Become transparent for your employee, clients and potential partners and investors. Be transparent in details: all the roles and circles are clearly determined by their concrete purpose, accountabilities, actual tactics and governance info. Explicit and explore your decision making, communication processes and meeting flows.
Applications for the Smart Search using AI for matching proper results
Powerful and Smart AI Search gives a fantasticly concrete and accurate match for an any search purpose, accountability, services, projects, roles, action, tension or a concrete person inside your organization. Clever search engine gives not just a matching functionality, but also being turned into an advanced mode could give you a smart recommendation for a collaboration optimization, networking and even could generate a background automatically, in a real-time, matching the networking service without your manual request.
Application for Meetings and Communications
Using special Living Agenda App you could choose one of the collaboration's methodologies inside of a methodology library for a team meeting. Choose Agile, Scrum, Holacracy, Collab or Self-Org Library to use in your meetings a variety of methodologies and meeting's processes or artefacts that could help you to self-facilitate the meeting flow and manage meeting's communication culture, maturity and meeting's effectivity.
Applications to Control your Organization's Maturity and Concrete Role's Maturity
Measure your Organization's Maturity in Communications, Behavioral culture, Interpersonal and Personal's Culture by choosing the different maturity models from our library that consists a variety of checklists, achievement badges, markers, methodologies, dashboard analytics templates for different processes and artefact maturity measurements.
Surface your Organization Tension and Suggestions for Self-Organization
Powerful application based on the Trans-Personal Integral Theory gives you specific tools for surfacing, managing and controling tension field inside of your organization. Working with tactical, governance, interpersonal and personal tensions gives your organization a required basis for organic self-organization process, based on the energy of tension-driven decision making, communications and behavioral model.
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Teal System Welcome Screen
Eco system of the several powerful tools and services is now set up just in one screen for an every day use. You could use all the instruments for an everyday collaborative practices fast and easy and use the settings for enable/disable service for the Welcome screen.
scope map tool
Scope Map App is made for an interactive visual presentation of your organization and especially to explore your actual organization's structure and organizational design. Use a smart search toolbar for exploring and matching specific roles and associated members by a simple request putted in a powerful search engine with an AI element. Forget about the terrible information systems and excel tables for a company info. Using Scope Map App you would enjoy your organizational transparency with the powerful navigation tools in a beautiful design view.
Best Tool of 2017 for Reinventing your Organization by using our Scope Map Tool. For more information about new organizational structures and Teal organization's design read a Frederic Laloux's Book "Reinventing organizations: The epidemic of organizational disillusionment goes way beyond the Corporate America-teachers, doctors and nurses that are leaving their professions in the record numbers because of how the way we run schools and hospitals kills their vocation. Government agencies and nonprofits have a noble purpose, but working for these entities often feels soulless and lifeless just the same. All these organizations suffer from the power games that are played at the top and powerlessness at lower levels, from infighting and bureaucracy, from endless meetings and a seemingly never-ending succession of change and cost-cutting programs."

Teal Organizations:
Reinventing organizations, by Frederic Laloux, 2014: The way we manage organizations seems increasingly out of date.
How the "Scope Map" App Works?
To start using "Scope Map" Service for your organization's structure surfacing and transformation, go through a short educational tutorial by clicking the button below.
Circle manager app
Various Tools for Circles Self-Management and collaboration workplace. Circle Manager is mostly used to manage and to mature measure the different Circle attributes, such as: Roles inside of the concrete circle, Circle Policy, Circle Purpose, Circle and Role accountability, Circle and Roles Services. Also Circle Manager gives you some really powerful management tools: Circle members management, assignment for members to concrete roles and the other various tools for teamwork inside a flatten and agile circle structure.
Deepest Service for implementing Holacracy. Explore the Circle Manager Self-Organization Workflow and Holacracy fundamental Concept in Book "Holocracy" by Brian Robertson's : "The main problems of large companies are bureaucracy and strict hierarchy. In this situation, employees are limited to job descriptions and the will of the manager, over which there is a couple of managers, the CEO and the board of directors. Any decisions are taken either incredibly long, or bypassing the rules and regulations. The rights and duties of each employee are reliably fixed in the job description, which rarely has anything in common with reality. This leads to absolute opacity and blurring of responsibility - there is no understanding of who is doing what and with whom to ask for something. CEO painfully motivates CTO, CTO calls on the carpet of the project manager, he blames all product-hunters, then goes to the teamleads and ordinary developers. All are guilty, and who will correct it is not clear." Brian J. Robertson, Holacracy, 2015

The Holacracy:
by Brian Robertson, 2015. The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World
Check out "Circle Manager" App Tutorial
In order to start working with the "Circles Manager" App, different tools and services, go through a short educational tutorial by clicking the button below.
Meeting tool SERVICE
Well-designed and Powerful Meeting Tool Service for collaborative team empowers transformation of organization's meeting practice and the whole communication culture. Special library integrated into an App allowing to hold meetings practice on the various collaborative methodologies (Holacracy Tactical, Holacracy Governance, Collab, Self-Org) and also to develop own methodology library, templates of meetings and scenarios in an additional Meeting Tool Editor App.
Most comfortable way to transform your regular meeting practice: More than 120+ best practices for implementing meeting flow. Explore more about Meeting practice and Collaboration Methodology in Cecile Green Book, "Collaboration that Works": A Ruthlessly Practical Handbook for a Generative World. "This is a book for the mission-driven individuals and organizations committed to create a better world. It is a powerful training manual for an efficient and highly learnable set of communication practices, CollabTM. These practices collaboratively, rapidly metabolize the organizational challenges into productive solutions for all kinds of organizations, delivering a more effective organization, capable of realizing it's goals expediently. Beginning with an introduction to a new theory of power and communication, this book also includes 52 black and white meeting practice cards with a step by step implementation guide, access to assessments and a comprehensive tracking system.", Cecile Green and Daniel Little

Cecile Green, D.Little
Collaboration that Works is a book for mission-driven individuals and organizations committed to creating a better world.
Explore Meeting Tool and Meeting Editor
Before you start an active work with the best meeting's practices, integrated into Meeting Tool methodology library, please visit the educational tutorial on mastering the basic functionality of the meeting tool and meeting editor service.
The Collaboration News Feed App allows you to customize the information notifications and smart news exchange of your organization. It also allows to make various notification's setting for you being notified about any project news, people actions, scope governance transformation or any other news with the very tiny and smart settings variations that empower the effectiveness of teamwork and smart cooperation.
To properly configure your notifications about any events in your organizational workflow, as projects, actions of the other employees, roles, scopes various events, go to a short educational tutorial below.
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