Tactical Team
Transparent and efficient management of the company's operations
Tactical Team Tracker
Transparent and efficient management of the company's operations
Key challenges in operating management
Lack of transparency
It is difficult to track the actions of employees, it is opaque who does what, what plans they set for the day, how the work is going.
Coordinating problem
The need for manager involvement is not for intellectual work, but for operational control and problem solving.
Coordination of employees
Outdated methods of coordination and synchronization through oral meetings or conversations.
Expensive communications
A large number of long communications and meetings.
Efficiency Issue
Low efficiency of employees in new tasks.
Motivation of employees
Lack of self-organization and employee initiative.
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Tactical management of the company's operations. Transparency of all operations, plans, projects for the directorate, shareholders, employees, increased efficiency and speed of work.
Transparency of operations
The system systematizes all circles (departments in the traditional structure), actions, projects, distribution of employees by roles (positions in the usual sense), etc
Operational control over team performance
The system records all actions, projects to which they relate or do not belong. All actions relate to metrics - performance criteria. Projects can be sampled and analyzed.
Effective cross-functional team interaction
Any employee at any moment has an understanding who does what and is responsible for what. Management understands what subordinates are doing, where the process becomes ineffective and what needs to be improved.
Control of the digital business transformation process
All activities of the organization become transparent - business processes, employees, their actions, efficiency, impact on profit.
Transparency of actions
Tactical allows you to see every day, what plans for the day set, how the work is going. Everything is transparent!
Transparency of all operations of the company with an open and transparent list of all actions
Create a list of all actions
All employee actions are recorded in the system. Thus, due to the transparency of actions in Tactical, the efficiency of the company is increased.
De-priority actions
Tactical allows you to prioritize each activity. This allows you to always do what is necessary for effective personal work, the work of the whole circle (department) and the company as a whole.
Distribution of actions among employees
In Tactical, you can see what role (i.e., our usual position) a person takes.
Coordination of teamwork
Synchronize the activities of integrated and cross-functional teams.
All information about projects in a visual form and quick access.
Operational control over team performance
The ability to see all company's projects or any department and actions carried out within its framework.
Transparency of distributed team activities
The same project may involve staff from different circles (departments) with different roles.
Monitoring of established deadlines and projects
When you create a project, you can specify the planned completion date and deadline.
Monitoring the performance of each team member
The status of the project and actions is visible in the system - in the process (yellow), suspended (red), ready (green), deferred (gray).
Access service via phone
Effective interaction of cross-functional teams between product and project management
Fast onboarding to a business role
The entire history of the organization is preserved in the system. The new employee will be able to see all actions the previous one carried out.
New way to monitor results
A single place for tracking the performance of tasks both in the methodology of project management and in the methodology of product management. The capability of self-control and self-organization.
Activity metrics and analysis
The ability to analyze circle metrics, how many project actions were performed, how many tasks were created, and see general statistics.
Work with the institution's budget
The ability to calculate how much money is spent on creating a particular product, i.e. how much person's or circle's work costs, whether the costs really justify themselves, or whether it is worth outsourcing some projects.
Optimize your business by digitizing processes
Digitized data are systematized and interconnected in a single digital model. As a result, all the activities of the organization become transparent - business processes, employee actions, key results.
Increasing productivity
Tactical is suitable both for the management of flat, horizontal structures and for the traditional structure of the organization, helping to solve the main task - to increase its efficiency due to the new way of synchronization and coordination.
Increased self-organization of staff
The employee sees all the components that are needed for his successful work in a business role. The initiative of employees and involvement in the process of activity increases.
level experts working with Neuromap
We work directly with international experts like Brian Robertson, Frederick Lalu, Ken Wilber, Cecile Green on topics of Teal organizations and Holacracy self-organizing teams.
Best expertise in EdTech and methodologies in Asia
HR digitalization, product department digital transformation, Transformation of business processes in product teams, Digital corporate university.
Multi-functional Enterprise Platform
Teal.one is our own digital platform for the large business digital transformation with the ability to integrate other services.
Educational platform
Bulgakov educational platform with more than 4,500 courses
Collaboration with consulting companies
Collaboration on large cases with the Big Three consulting giants (McKinsey, BCG, KPMG)
Building a partner eco-system
Collaboration of narrow-specialized partners in one Eco-system (Neuromap, Caviar, British School of Design, MACS, Innopolis, Unusual Concepts, Scrumtrack, Product Vision)
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