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Школа продактов
для банков

Быстрая и эффективная подготовка
Владельцев продуктов
(Product owners)
для роста продаж
About the school
Training Product owners from retail, SME, sales based on real business challenges and framework for initiative management, supported by high-level practicing experts with 2023-2024 successful cases.
Result: 3X - 30X sales growth, 8-12% margin for individual product names, inflow of 500,000 customers in selected customer segments with low cost of attraction and service.
Duration - 4 months.
Challenges the bank faces
Trend: decreasing number of banks and falling margins (less than 4%)
Consolidation of leading banks,
according to pessimistic prognoses, 65-80% of small and medium-sized banks will disappear in the next
10 years (McKinsey (Yaakov & Associates, World Bank)
New players on the market: competition
outside of banks
Capture of banking target audience, marginal segments by fintech, marketplaces, retailers (cases of Ozon, Yandex, Lamoda)
New approaches are needed to maintain market positions
Classic banking tools are ineffective in today's competition, it is necessary to introduce a new market standard - a framework for initiative management
The problem you will solve
Falling behind in the competition
with IT and fintech companies
Fintech, marketplaces and retailers are taking away the audience inflow and marginal services from banks. The bank needs to find a new approach in order not to lose in the competition.
Long TTM for new products and services
On average, Time to market of the bank's products and services ranges from 6 to 12 months with benchmarking from 3 weeks to 3 months. This rate does not meet the market demands.
Outdated products not demanded by customers
The bank's product range is outdated, products are not in demand. There is no clarity regarding which product the bank's resources should be spent on.
Shortage of digital
and product specialists
The bank lacks a sufficient number of Product owners and other specialists with required competencies, it is expensive to attract them from the market, and it takes time to adapt them.
Competitors have the most marginal segments
The bank receives clients with low average margin of 4%, clients with margins up to 21% are taken by competitors, the bank fails to identify and attract such client segments.
Struggling to stand out, to find a competitive advantage
The bank lacks competencies in creating new types of USP based on competition not only with banks but also with other market players, working with distribution channels
From practitioner to skilled professional
1. Ideation. Idea collection and packaging
  • Generation and selection of business ideas for development
  • Packaging the idea into "Initiative Card" artifact required to advance the idea to profit and cross-functional collaboration on the product, formation of stage artifacts
  • Skills development: customer segmentation, problem and solution formulation in client language, problem segmentation, initiative effect metricization, PnL hypothesis formulation, solution benchmarking, selection of communication channels, initiative pitching
2. Discovery. Research
  • Research activities before product development (pilot)
  • Formation of "Hypotheses Backlog" artifact, as well as other stage artifacts
  • Mastering product research tools (CustDev, in-depth interviews, CJM, etc.)
  • Initiative risk and limitations assessment
  • Skill development in generating, validating, scoring user, problem and solution hypotheses
  • Selection of hypotheses for product pilot design
3. Product (pilot) design
  • Pilot project design (MVP), generation of product and project documentation for submission to the development team
  • Selection of a pilot zone for product MVP development
  • Formation of a "Project Card" artifact to defend the pilot, as well as other stage artifacts
  • MVP design skills practice, work with the product metrics tree, product financial model building, product development resource planning, product roadmap building
Defending the product pilot at the Design steering committee
  • Presentation of developed initiatives at the Design Stage Steering Committee using "Project Card" artifact
  • Selection of initiative pool for further pilot development according to specified criteria: revenue to cost ratio, risk consideration, measurability of results, assessment of PnL and its scaling, impact of the initiative on the company's strategic priorities and key customer segments, possibility of "short lever" development (first metrics to be achieved within a 3 month period)
Quick capture of market share
from competitors using new USP
Attracting growing high-margin segments
by quickly creating
and testing exclusive USP targeted at them.
3X-10X sales increase by selected product categories
Multiple turnover growth due to introduction of outbound sales model, use of agency channels, commission model, cross-sales, upsells.
Customer base growth
from 500,000 by selected customer segments
Customer acquisition by focusing on growing segments and addressing their needs through relevant product offers.
High product margins in selected areas - 8-12%
Increasing product margins by identifying high-margin segments and using new sales models, including commission-based sales.
Fast TTM for new product offers:
from 3 weeks to 3 months
Introduction of product expertise in the bank on generation and delivery of fast P&L initiatives from idea to profit using a framework.
Multiples of highly profitable Product owners
Fast (3-4 months) training of Product owners in the internal School and their scaling with a profitable return of investment.
Basic program
* The program is adapted and adjusted upon the request of a particular company

Express course
to prepare
for bank
strategy session

Express course
to prepare
for bank
strategy session

Training services
Supporting all processes, providing comprehensive support to practitioners being trained in the Product owner business role. The link between practitioners and experts
Digitization of the "Product owner" business role, holding educational events, regular review of the works of practitioners being trained for the business role
Educational platform
Training on an agile, modern edtech platform, access to educational content for "Product owner" business role, creation of a case library
Methodologies used
  • Project-based learning
    Training is integrated into the company's work projects and is applied rather than theoretical. Product owners trained at the School solve real business problems, they know the company's specifics and are able to take it into account
  • Blended Learning
    The School applies the methodology of Blended Learning - a combination of different online and offline formats, at the request of the company. Educational process becomes more comfortable, productive and beneficial to the business
  • Role-based learning
    The training methodology for the Product Owner business role is used. A company-specific profile is developed for it with the necessary skills and artifacts it should be able to generate, as well as the knowledge and practice required to achieve it
  • Peer-to-peer
    Mutual learning based on cooperation and exchange of experience in mastering the "Product Owner" business role. Opportunity to share experience, cases, insights with each other - to accumulate a library of knowledge and use it in further work with product teams
Ready to work
Product owners
Training supported by internal and external experts based on work projects of product teams allows trained Product Owners to quickly get started with business tasks
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We use our own edtech platform
for training
About Neuromap
Neuromap specializes in digital and product transformation of banks, product approach implementation, top management training and training of essential specialists within the business. By immersing ourselves in the client's problems, we personalize all programs and training materials to achieve real business results.
level of experts
More than 30 practicing experts (C-Level. CPO, CPO junior) with 10+ years of expertise in the banking sector, successful cases of 2023-2024.
10+ years of experience in the banking sector, successful cases from 2023-2024, 5 well-known industry experts.
Launch and support of Expertise Centers
15+ corporate universities based on the Expertise Center model with 30+ digital roles (Product owner, Scrum master, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, etc.)
Strategy and portfolio management: 10+ years of experience
Industry expertise, finished cases
in the banking sector: 50+ companies
with turnover of 5+ billion rubles per year (10+ companies from Forbes 200, 20+ from RBC 500), 25+ strategic sessions for client companies.
Proprietary LXP platform
Teal.One proprietary proprietary LXP platform for scaling expertise and initiative portfolio management, used in major Russian and foreign companies
Launch of
Product Owner Schools
and other roles
30+ schools of Top Managers, Product owners, Scrum Masters, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, 500+ people. $100,000,000+ effect for companies from trained employees
Initiative management framework
TTM effect on initiatives due to framework implementation is reduced to 3-9 months. 30+ frameworks have been developed in the following industries: banking, industry, telecom, medicine, etc.
Neuromap clients
Product approach in banks
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Product owners school for banks
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