circle manager application
This is a tutorial on the development of the legendary Scope Manager service. Manage your Team in a self-organized environment.
step 1
Select "Circle Manager"
To enter Scope Manager you need to select this service from service's list on a welcome screen of the system.
step 2
View the various attributes of the selected circle
All the pages of the circles look very similar, until each circle's participants don't change the cover on the left from above, there you can also see the name of the circle to which you switched. In the content of the circle you can quickly assess to it's maturity level by the number of the manifested circle's attributes, such as Circle Intention, Circle services, Raleigh roles, Circle rules and so on.
step 3
Explore the Purpose of the selected Circle
Familiarize yourself with the purposes, strategies, responsibilities and business models of your circle in the "Destination of the Circle" tab.
step 4
Navigate to another circle in the Circle Navigation
If you accidentally got in the wrong circle from the map you wanted to go to, then you can use the special tab called a "circle navigation" to go to any other circle you need in the organization by using a convenient tree structure. To expand the nested circles, simply click on the number of the nested circles which is placed on the left side of the circle's name in the circle's tree navigation.
Similarly, you can simply return to the circle's map and again visually navigate through the map straight to the desired circle.
Shall we continue?
Congratulations! You have completed the study of the first part of the Tutorial on the
"Circle Manager" service where you learned to move to the appropriate circle to get acquainted with it's content. Now we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the second part of the Tutorial "Circle Manager for Editors".
Circle Manager App for Editors
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