Anti-crisis management
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Speaker: Roman Rabinovich, CEO Neuromap
For whom is it relevant?
Relevant for anyone who does not want to suspend work,
but it is necessary to transfer business processes to online.

Teal.One - simplifies the team work, helps to plan the day effectively, as well as achieve the business goals.

  • For companies that are looking for ways to organize remote work.
  • For companies that have switched to the remote work format, but do not know how to organize operational interaction between departments.
  • For companies that want to plan their work effectively.
  • For companies that want to work as a team in the "collaboration" format.
    What is the problem?
    Say «NO» to the problems
    Communications between employees are falling apart
    Don 't know how to synchronize the work of different departments
    Problems with task tracking
    Ineffective planning for remote work
    No connection between daily tasks and company goals
    No transparency in business processes.
    Control and organization of employees
    at a remote home office
    Get the check-list of transferring employees to remote work.
    3,3 mb
    Optimization of employees and business processes
    A set of 6 services in one software for organizing remote business processes
    « Scope maps» service, metrics, responsibilities, income/expenses, circle goals, task and project tracker -Tactical, service for roles / positions and employee accounting, personal account of tasks, circle retrospective for planning and reporting activities
    Learning to use software and new methodology
    Counseling and support at every step
    Employee transfer algorithm
    Teal.One - is a unique platform developed by
    modern technologies specifically for managing remote teams.
    The digital product and the new methodology that we offer will allow you to organize quickly the work of 50 to 500 employees. You should not think about how to build business processes, optimize resources, or reorganize the office.
    There's Teal.One for it.
    In case of mass transition to home office
    companies need to:
    To capture metrics for the tasks and hypotheses
    To make anti-crisis staff-meetings every day
    To test additional business moves fast and cheap
    Crisis IS a great opportunity to evolve and become a technological and efficient company
    Analyze your situation at a webinar on March 26 on Thursday - 15:00 Berlin time and reorganize your company without loss
    Register for a webinar on remote work organization
    We will help to solve your problem with the transition of employees to Home office
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