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About the course
Full cycle of basic knowledge and development of applied skills for digital product transformation of the company, implementation of the corporate initiatives portfolio with business impact through the introduction of the product approach and the new role of Product owner
Course structure
Module 1:
Digital business strategy
For whom and how to create value in a unique way? What digital initiatives are needed? A business strategy for transformation and portfolio infill using the Value Chain model.
Module 2:
Implementing initiatives portfolio
Portfolio management concept for digital initiatives. Portfolio segmentation for different initiative management approaches.
Module 3:
Product office and Product owner function
Generating a candidates pool, selecting candidates for initiatives, preparing the first wave, one module per week, micro-courses on the Product Owner role.
Module 4:
Framework for initiatives management
Solving corporate dysfunctions and organizational blockers with examples of specific initiatives and codifying the methodology into a corporate framework and set of rules (Playbook)
Module 5:
Expertise center
Building a corporate expertise center in digital specialties (product owner, scrum master, product developer, analyst, architect, data scientist, etc.).
Training result
A step-by-step plan for developing company's digital strategy
Building a digital strategy for a company based on an analysis of Value chain, business assets, operating, market, business model, portfolio segmentation
Developing a product mindset and mastering the product approach
The corporation implements and scales product thinking to quickly create in-demand and profitable products
Filling the initiatives portfolio

Forming portfolios of initiatives using different approaches (Digital, Lean Digital, Cost reduction, etc.), flexible budgeting, business case, risk management
Mastering the tools for initiatives portfolio implementation
Scoring, initiatives implementation and product scaling using the framework from idea to profit, resolution of cross-functional conflicts and blockers
Product owner function development
Targeted vision of the Product owner role tailored to the needs of the corporation, successful search for candidates for the role and creation of the necessary environment in the corporation for the product function development
Fast and high-quality training of product, digital professionals
Addressing the shortage of specialists in new constantly updated product and digital specialties - mastering the Expertise center model
Digital transformation strategy
BLOCK 1: Strategic session based on the Value Chain model
  • Business strategy for portfolio transformation and filling using Value Chain model
  • Bank Value Chain and Industry Value Chain: vertical and horizontal gaps
  • Core/Non-Core Value Chain selection and portfolio impact

BLOCK 2: strategic session on business capitalization (Asset/Liability)
  • Business asset-liability decomposition module, in terms of capitalization and potential investment raising, IPO and interaction with current shareholder
  • Intangible and digital assets and their impact on the portfolio
  • Right asset selection strategy and portfolio filling

BLOCK 3: Strategic business model session
  • Transformation of business model, operating model, market model, and portfolio segmentation by different models
  • Different approaches for product portfolio, cost leadership, superior customer experience, finding new business models, innovation, etc.

Implementing initiatives portfolio
  • The concept of portfolio management for the initiatives implementation
  • Portfolio segmentation: different approaches
  • MINI-T concept (Quick initiatives)
  • Lean Digital approach for Quick Win
  • Cost Reduction approach for quick economic effects of the operating model
  • The infrastructure initiatives approach
Product office and Product owner function
  • Product teams. How to quickly produce in-demand products and bring them to market. Lean startup, Agile, Scrum.
  • The Product owner role: entrepreneurial mindset, ownership, differentiation from Product manager
  • The Product owner role: artifacts, practices, knowledge, skills
  • Digitalization of the Product owner role, adaptation for a corporation
  • Product metrics
  • Creating an environment within a company to develop the product function, the product mindset, and the Product owner function
Framework for initiatives management
  • Development of corporate cross-functional framework based on market standards with adaptation to corporate specifics
  • Triple framework model: artifacts, practices, knowledge
  • Framework stages (from Ideation to Management), components of stages
  • Promotion of framework initiatives from idea to profit
  • Product framework and product management in a corporate framework
  • Project framework and project management in the corporate framework
  • Financial framework and business case, agile portfolio budgeting
  • Resolution of portfolio blockers and organizational dysfunctions (PnL, TTM)
  • Framework as a Product owner tool for rapid advancement of initiatives
Expertise center
  • Expertise center model, business role training
  • Fast-track training in product and digital specialties
  • Developing and scaling product expertise across the company
  • Expertise center director training and organizational unit design
  • Expertise center tutoring function
  • Expertise center tracking function
  • Expertise center function of internal and external experts
  • Recruitment of practitioners for the Expertise center
  • Event methodologies (CoP, Peer-to-peer, expertise)

Training methodologies
Problem&Project based learning
Training is practice-oriented. All skills are practiced on the basis of real projects aimed at solving the company's strategic tasks.
Blended Learning
The educational process is based on a blended learning methodology (offline + online, synchronous and asynchronous). This combination helps make it more effective and engaging.
Business role training
Training takes place according to the business role of the Top Manager/Chief of Function, appropriate to market benchmarks (artifacts, practices, knowledge) and tailored to the specifics of the corporation.
CoP and Peer-to-peer
Community of practice and Peer-to-peer methodologies are used during training, based on collaboration, sharing experiences, cases, and peer-to-peer insights.
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Role-based learning
  • Business role training: Ability to construct a business role (an image of a training result, a ready-made specialist) for a company, a specific department, segment, subdivision from the business role constructor and prepare practitioners for it
  • The triple model: artifacts, practices, knowledge to digitize a business role
  • Skill&Competences: Consistent mastering of the skills of a business role, digitized in its profile, through the creation of appropriate artifacts and their expertise

Current methodologies
  • Problem/project based learning: practitioners work on a specific problem/project rather than just getting content
  • Life-long learning: professional and personal lifelong learning
  • UGC: content is not created solely by the expert, but by the participants themselves
  • Micro Courses: Component-based learning based on the LEGO model (Edtech)
  • Blended learning: combinations of online and offline
Educational trajectory
  • Agile educational trajectory: building a variable educational trajectory for different groups of practitioners, taking into account the specifics of teams and units
  • Educational graph: visualization of the entire educational trajectory in the form of an interactive educational map
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Neuromap specializes in digital and product transformation, product approach implementation, top management and in-house training. Diving deep into the client's problems, we personalize all programs and training materials to achieve measurable business results.
expert level
More than 30 senior level experts with 10+ years of experience in product approach implementation, digital transformation, product development, Digital Role Schools launch, tracking
Launch and support of Expertise Centers
15+ corporate universities based on the Expertise Center model with over 30 digital roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Architect, etc.)
Strategy and portfolio management: 10+ years of experience
20+ clients from the RBK 500, 10+ from the Forbes 200, 20+ portfolios, portfolio management initiatives from $2 to $50 million, result of +10% EBITDA in the first 3 years of digital transformation
Proprietary LXP platform
Teal.One's proprietary LXP platform for expertise scale and initiative portfolio management, used in large Russian and foreign companies
Launch of Product Owners and other roles schools
30+ schools of Top Managers, Product Owners, Scrum-masters, Data-analytics, Data Science. 500+ people trained. Over $100,000,000 effect on companies from trained employees
Framework for initiative management
TTM effect on initiatives due to framework implementation is reduced to 3-9 months. 30+ frameworks developed in industries: banking, industry, telecom, medicine, etc.
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