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Quick business role training with integration into work projects
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About the school
Scrum masters are trained on the basis of real business problems of product teams. Ready experts have skills and practices that meet market standards, and know how to apply them to the specifics of the business. The expertise of scrum masters and Agile product development is scalable within the company.
Benefits for your company
You practice agile product management
Your company has product teams, scrum masters. You want them to know how to use the best practices of Agile, agile product management, understand exactly what your business needs, and bring it profit. Scrum masters school will help your specialists quickly build up their skills not on abstract training tasks, but on real projects, and ensure fast scaling of scrum masters' expertise inside the company without extra expenses.
You are at the very beginning of the implementation of product management
You realize that you do not have enough experts to implement product management. The school will solve the problem of preparation of scrum masters in a short time and further scaling of expertise within your company without high expenses, due to the formation of an institute of internal experts and the use of a unique methodology of transfer of expertise. Trained scrum masters will be able to immediately apply the acquired skills in their work.
Launch of the Scrum Masters school
Implementation and scaling service of scrum masters expertise
  • Formalizing internal or external expertise of scrum masters in a business role model
  • Transferring the expertise of scrum masters via employee training to a business role using a unique methodology
Creating an environment of development expertise of scrum masters in the company
  • Organization and launching of the Expertise Center (an ecosystem of services for fast and comfortable transfer of expertise within the corporation)
  • Building a Community of Practice - scrum masters exchanging case studies, insights from real work
Scaling methodology for the expertise of scrum masters
Training results
Ready-made scrum masters for product teams
In just 8 weeks, you get a pool of scrum masters with systemic product thinking and a proven set of professional skills and practices to solve real business problems.
Improved business performance of teams
Because of the high professional level of scrum masters trained at the School, the work of product teams becomes coherent, products are created quickly (TTM reduction) and bring profit
Scaling up scrum masters in the company
A unique methodology for transferring expertise within the company and the favorable environment created allow for rapid scaling of scrum masters and other product specialists without involving expensive outside experts
Stage 1
Selecting practitioner candidates for "Scrum Master" business role training
  • Diagnostics of the work of current product teams
  • Selection of practitioners who will be trained for the Scrum Master role
Duration: 1 week
Stage 2
Digitizing the "Scrum Master" business role taking into account the specifics of the company, building and adapting the trajectory of training
  • Development and validation of the Scrum Master business role profile together with experts in the following components: skills, knowledge, practices, and artifacts
  • Creation of a training path for scrum masters to meet the company's needs
  • Assessments of practitioners
Duration: 1 day
Stage 3
Introduction to Agile product development methodology
  • Training experts and practitioners in agile development methodologies
  • Familiarity with the main artifacts of product team roles
Duration: 1 week
Stage 4
Transferring expertise from experts to practitioners and teams support
  • Support and supervised training of Scrum Master business role practitioners
  • Practitioners perform artifacts in the course of their daily work and receive expertise from an expert
Duration: 7 weeks
Training services
Tutoring service
Provision of all processes, comprehensive support for practitioners undergoing Scrum Master business role training. Liaison between practitioners and experts
Expert service
Digitization of the "Scrum Master" business role, holding educational events, regular examination of the work of practitioners undergoing business role training
Educational platform
Training on an agile, modern edtech platform, access to educational content on "Scrum Master" business role, creation of a library of cases
Applied methodologies
Project-based learning
The training is integrated into the company's work projects; it is applied, not theoretical. Scrum masters trained at the School solve real business problems, they know the specifics of the company and know how to take them into account
Blended Learning
The School applies the Blended Learning methodology - a combination of different online and offline formats, as requested by the company. The educational process becomes more comfortable, productive, and beneficial to the business
Role-based learning
The business role training methodology "Scrum Master" is used. A company-specific profile is developed for it with the required skills, the artifacts it must be able to produce, and the knowledge and practices necessary to do
Mutual learning, based on cooperation and exchange of experience in mastering the business role of Scrum Master. The opportunity to share experiences, cases, insights with each other - to accumulate a library of knowledge and use it in further work with product teams
Ready to work scrum masters
Training with support from internal and external experts based on the work projects of product teams allows trained scrum masters to quickly get involved in solving business problems
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We use our own Edtech platform for training
About Neuromap
Neuromap specializes in digital and product transformation, product approach implementation, top management and in-house training. Diving deep into the client's problems, we personalize all programs and training materials to achieve measurable business results.
expert level
More than 30 senior level experts with 10+ years of experience in product approach implementation, digital transformation, product development, Digital Role Schools launch, tracking
Launch and support of Expertise Centers
15+ corporate universities based on the Expertise Center model with over 30 digital roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Architect, etc.)
Strategy and portfolio management: 10+ years of experience
20+ clients from the RBK 500, 10+ from the Forbes 200, 20+ portfolios, portfolio management initiatives from $2 to $50 million, result of +10% EBITDA in the first 3 years of digital transformation
Proprietary LXP platform
Teal.One's proprietary LXP platform for expertise scale and initiative portfolio management, used in large Russian and foreign companies
Launch of Product Owners and other roles schools
30+ schools of Top Managers, Product Owners, Scrum-masters, Data-analytics, Data Science. 500+ people trained. Over $100,000,000 effect on companies from trained employees
Framework for initiative management
TTM effect on initiatives due to framework implementation is reduced to 3-9 months. 30+ frameworks developed in industries: banking, industry, telecom, medicine, etc.
Neuromap clients
Digital competency training
Do you need practical content on digital transformation, product development, recommendations on how to put new tools into practice?
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Scrum Masters school
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