Product approach in large business
Quick PnL wins: accelerating initiatives and economic impact
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About the course
You will learn how to apply the product approach in the realization of a corporate portfolio of initiatives - quickly generate initiatives, test them in the pilot, take into account only those initiatives that will bring economic effect, effectively distribute resources and find Product owners capable of bringing initiatives to profit with a framework that meets market standards and the specifics of the corporation.
The course will be useful for
Top management
You will learn how to apply a product approach to implement business strategy in a corporate portfolio, find and effectively allocate resources, decompose large projects into quick initiatives, manage risk, ensure project implementation and profit
Function managers
You will learn how to use product approach to implement initiatives aimed at specific KPI's, achieve "quick wins PnL". Find and train Product owners, who are able to move initiatives through the framework from idea to profit in a short period of time
Course structure
Block №1
Product approach: theory and practice, cases of application in large business

You will learn how to apply the product approach to specific corporate portfolio initiatives, quickly get the business impact provided by the new Product owner role, based on the successful and failed cases of large industrial corporations.

Product approach
Cases of major companies
The product approach and the concept of portfolio management
Product approach as a form of collective activity aimed at creating value for customers. Portfolio segmentation for different initiative management approaches (Lean Digital for Quick Win, Cost Reduction for quick economic effects of the operating model, Infrastructure Initiatives approach)
Market trends, benchmarking, experience in managing initiatives, development and implementation of digital products in industrial corporations, sharing cases and practices. Work with the corporate culture to implement a product, entrepreneurial approach and customer centricity.
Block №2.
Product approach and quick wins for PnL: Implementing framework initiatives
You will learn how to use a single cross-functional system to rapidly promote corporate portfolio initiatives from idea to profit within the interaction of 6 management systems in the corporation, to resolve organizational and cross-functional blockers in the promotion of initiatives.
A framework stage where you will learn how to test the validity of ideas and provide a justification for the implementation of your activities.

Business idea with effects assessment - Research team list - Lean Canvas model - Problem hypothesis - Contractor agreement
The framework stage of the full digital product development cycle, in which all research and preparatory activities are performed before starting product development.

Problem/Hypothesis backlog - Customer Journey Map - Business Process Map "as-is" - Effect Potential/refined effect - To-be process/product concept - Finished solution - Service Blueprint - Discovery findings
The framework stage, which involves design, development, planning the product solution, and generating all product and design documentation for submission to the development team.

Success metrics - Conceptual architecture - Product roadmap - To-be business process - Communication matrix - Responsibility matrix - Scoring model of initiatives - Use-cases - Customer hypothesis backlog - Organizational solutions backlog - Prototype - Visual Design
The framework stage in which all software development activities take place.

Test cases - Product backlog - Infrastructure backlog - Pipeline (configured) - Sprint backlog - Product increment - Definition of Done - Technical debt - Applied architecture - Release notes - Minimum Viable Product - MVP - Visual Design
The framework stage, in which the product is implemented into the company's infrastructure, as well as other cross-functional activities related to the integration of a digital solution into the company's overall IT system.

Pipeline (passed) - Stage scorecard - Protocol of Acceptance Test - Address
The framework stage, in which activities are carried out to scale a digital solution or product to an entire regional network, to a limited set of industries, to an increased number of users, or to a new set of digital product stakeholders.

Technology architecture - Scale roadmap
The framework stage, in which product support is transferred to accompanying functions, such as a digital partner system, or support departments, customer service departments, or specialized contact centers for a given product.

Metrics of product success - Customer experience - Hypotheses to improve metrics - Product backlog (Management) - Product financial model - Product budget
Block №3
Product owners for rapid implementation of initiatives
You will learn how to provide a resource of product specialists needed to quickly implement initiatives and achieve business results, to organize a favorable environment for their successful work, without unnecessary costs to train product specialists within the corporation.
Search for Product owners
Product owner role profile
Product owner preparation
Where and how to search for Product owners?
You will look at the most common mistakes in finding Product Owners to promote initiatives: changing the name of the position without changing the essence of the activity, assigning "your people" to the role of Product Owner, switching to the Product Owner role on a hype without understanding its purpose, inviting expensive external Product Owners.

You will learn to look for internal entrepreneurs, candidates for the Product owner role with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Adapting the Product owner role to the corporation
You will learn how to create an image of a ready-made specialist, the Product owner role, based on market standards and company specifics, expertise of internal experts.

Digitization of the role according to the triple model:
  • Artifacts (mini-products) that the Product owner must be able to obtain on the way to implementing the initiative in order to carry out cross-functional interaction
  • Practices (algorithms) needed to create artifacts
  • Knowledge required to create artifact
    Fast and high quality preparation of Product owners within the corporation
    You will get an understanding of why Product owners training according to the standard model is often unsuccessful - initiatives are not advanced and the business effect is not achieved. You will learn how to train the required product specialists and Product Owners within a corporation in a short time frame using the Expertise Center model, based on the digitized expertise of internal experts, and how to scale the Product owners' expertise within the corporation.
    Framework is a tool for Product owners
    You will learn how to use the modern Product owner tool, proven by the experience of large industrial corporations, to quickly implement initiatives, get the first business impact on the pilot and scale it up.

    The framework provides Product owner with a framework to work on all stages of the initiative and allows senior, middle level specialists to achieve brilliant results, quickly developing their professional competencies. The corporation saves money and profits.
    Training result
    Fast implementation of initiatives from idea to profit
    The product approach helps you manage your portfolio of initiatives in an orderly manner, balancing TTM, Pnl, and risk. You get an understanding of how to quickly implement initiatives, not waste time on failed ones, and quickly bring successful ones to economic effect and scale it.
    The company is beginning to develop product culture
    Product owner culture, entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to apply product approach are introduced and integrated into the work of product teams, divisions and functions. A culture of Agile thinking and the ability to quickly make the right business decisions in a constantly changing market are developed.
    Product expertise grows and scales internally
    A favorable corporate environment emerges that allows the company to develop product expertise, quickly prepare Product owners within the company, and scale this expertise without involving expensive external experts and training. The company becomes more technological and innovative.
    Block №1
    Product approach: theory and practice, cases of application in large businesses

    • Product approach and Digital transformation of large businesses (implementation practices, cases)
    • The concept of Green Box and Mini-T
    • 6 types of management and 6 types of thinking in a corporation: linear (operational), project, process, investment, product, financial
    • Portfolio management
    • Differentiation of project, product and quick initiatives in the context of business implementation
    • The role of Product owners in the context of tasks of filling and implementing a portfolio of digital initiatives
    • Connecting "Run" ("operations") and "Change" (new projects/initiatives)
    * Analysis of cases of large industrial companies
      Block №2
      Product approach and quick wins for PnL: Implementing framework initiatives

      • A unified corporate framework for initiatives implementation: the triple model (artifacts, practices, knowledge)
      • Framework stages from Ideation to Management and their components, framework adaptation for a corporation
      • Corporate framework as a single language for the interaction of different systems in a company
      • Solving blockers and organizational dysfunctions in the portfolio (P&L, TTM)
      • Resolving cross-functional conflicts and blockers in the promotion of initiatives using the framework
      • Product frame and product management in a corporate framework
      • Project frame and project management in the corporate framework
      • Financial framework and business case and agile portfolio budgeting
      * Analysis of cases of large industrial companies
      Block №3
      Organizational barriers and problems in the implementation of initiatives. Case study of initiatives

      • Product owner role for rapid implementation of initiatives: entrepreneurial mindset, ownership, responsibility for PnL and TTM
      • Digitizing the profile and adapting to the corporation
      • Product Owner terms of employment: creating a supportive environment within the company
      • Framework - Product owner tool for rapid implementation of initiatives
      • Scaling Product owners through the enterprise framework model
      • Organizing training for Product owners inside the company using the Expertise Center model
      • Where to find Product owners? Mistakes in finding Product Owners for initiatives implementation
      * Case Studies of Large Industrial Companies
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      Community of practice, Peer-To-Peer
      Peer-tp-peer in the Community of Practice, based on the opportunity to share experiences with each other - to accumulate expertise, exchange cases, find insights.
      Skills for rapid implementation of a portfolio of initiatives
      Training enables top managers, functional managers to acquire the skills necessary to ensure the rapid advancement of initiatives from idea to profit, getting the business impact (P&L) in a short Time To Market
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