Multiple profit growth without budget increase
Strategic session.
Individual training
Multiple profit growth without budget increase
Strategic session.
Individual training
About the course
Forming and filling the company's portfolio with initiatives aimed at multiplying EBITDA through new economies, implementing the strategy, and increasing profits in current and new areas
Leading experts
Experienced in digital transformation of large businesses and implementation of product approach, creation of digital functions, Product Owners functions, development of internal Expertise Centers since 2013. Expert in digital transformation at several business schools in Russia and abroad.
Current portfolio in many industrial companies with responsibility to shareholders and top management.
Roman Rabinovich
Founder of Neuromap
Leading expert on digital transformation, product approach, strategy and portfolio management
Keti Kikilashvili
Leading expert on strategy and portfolio management
Experienced in building international teams, developing and bringing startups to global markets, collaborating with leading business communities, business consulting. Guest lecturer at business schools, Duke University expert in behavioral economics.
Experienced in building strategies and portfolios of large businesses. Portfolio - graduates of SKOLKOVO School of Management CDTO course
Problems you will solve
Implementing a strategy with a guaranteed result
It is necessary to form groups of initiatives aimed at achieving specific business strategic priorities that are updated as the strategy is actualized.
Multiple profit growth from the current portfolio without additional budget
It is necessary to redesign the current initiatives portfolio to reallocate resources, ensuring multiple increase in profits without incurring additional costs
Profitability of products in specific areas
Competent allocation of resources and transparent management of tasks in product, functional and other areas, growth drivers is required
Effective use of employees' potential
Employees come up with ideas that have the potential to generate additional EBITDA, but they do not fit into the operating model and are not implemented
Resolution of blockers in the initiatives implementation
Initiatives of different blocks conflict with each other, there is a lack of a single transparent management system and the interconnection of initiatives to help achieve PnL
Fast Time to market and provision of initiatives PnL
Achievement of the economic effect of initiatives is not clearly monitored, businesses do not have time to implement initiatives, responding to market changes
Initiatives portfolio, ensuring the implementation of the strategy
Each initiative in the portfolio is aimed at achieving a specific strategic priority, and metrics are fixed for tracking the achievement of strategic goals
Portfolio aims at a multiplication of revenues without increasing costs
You get a redesigned and prioritized initiatives portfolio, skills to update it, so there is a multiple revenue growth of the portfolio without the additional costs of initiatives
Portfolio segmentation for transparent management
by blocks and areas
Formation and mastering of skills to create portfolios: functional, product, cost reduction, infrastructure (IT), portfolio by drivers, product directions, revenue streams
Generation and implementation of new initiatives and new EBITDA models
Creativity and proposing new ideas becomes a regular practice in the company, backed by a system for managing initiatives in the portfolio, quickly testing hypotheses and taking only viable ones to work
A well-established system for initiative management and blocker resolution
A single framework structure for initiative management from idea generation to development, hypothesis testing, pilot implementation, and economic impact scaling
Efficient use of portfolio resources with TTM and PnL control
Metricization of initiatives portfolio with step-by-step tracking of the achievement of economic effect, a clear understanding of the return on investment from the planned and implemented initiatives
Our advantages
10+ years of experience in large business digital transformation
10+ client companies from Forbes 200, 20+ client companies from RBC 500
30+ senior experts, 10+ years in digital transformation, product approach
+10% of EBITDA over the first 3 years on average comes from digital transformation
Training methodologies
Problem&Project based learning
Training is practice-oriented. All skills are practiced in the implementation of specific projects aimed at solving the tasks of functions related to the company's strategy.
Blended Learning
The educational process is based on a blended learning methodology (offline + online, synchronous and asynchronous). Such combination helps to make it more effective and engaging.
Role-based training
Training takes place in the business role of Top Manager/Chief of Function, appropriate to market benches (artifacts, practices, knowledge) and tailored to the specifics of the corporation.
CoP and Peer-to-peer
Community of practice and Peer-to-peer methodologies are applied during training, based on collaboration, sharing experiences, cases, and peer-to-peer insights.
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We use our own edtech platform for role-based learning
About Neuromap
Neuromap specializes in digital and product transformation, product approach implementation, top management and in-house training. Diving deep into the client's problems, we personalize all programs and training materials to achieve measurable business results.
expert level
More than 30 senior level experts with 10+ years of experience in product approach implementation, digital transformation, product development, Digital Role Schools launch, tracking
Launch and support of Expertise Centers
15+ corporate universities based on the Expertise Center model with over 30 digital roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Architect, etc.)
Strategy and portfolio management: 10+ years of experience
20+ clients from the RBK 500, 10+ from the Forbes 200, 20+ portfolios, portfolio management initiatives from $2 to $50 million, result of +10% EBITDA in the first 3 years of digital transformation
Proprietary LXP platform
Teal.One's proprietary LXP platform for expertise scale and initiative portfolio management, used in large Russian and foreign companies
Launch of Product Owners and other roles schools
30+ schools of Top Managers, Product Owners, Scrum-masters, Data-analytics, Data Science. 500+ people trained. Over $100,000,000 effect on companies from trained employees
Framework for initiative management
TTM effect on initiatives due to framework implementation is reduced to 3-9 months. 30+ frameworks developed in industries: banking, industry, telecom, medicine, etc.
Neuromap clients
Digital competency training
Do you need practical content on digital transformation, product development, recommendations on how to put new tools into practice?
Portfolio management and risk diversification
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