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You will learn what competencies product specialists (product owners, product managers) should have, what tools they should use to create cost-effective products quickly, how to accelerate the training of product specialists without unnecessary costs.
Applied theory, specific cases. Practice from real business tasks.
Agile educational trajectory, assignments with templates, error analysis
Peer-to-peer coaching methodology skills training
Final certification with confirmation of qualification
What you get on the course
Mastering the Product owner/Product manager role
You will learn the main skills necessary for a specialist who manages a product to quickly bring it to PnL, you will be able to improve them independently and implement them in your team.
Development of product thinking
You'll learn practical skills for managing your product with the framework, establishing cross-functional collaboration, and resolving blockers in moving projects forward.
Minimum-introduction product
You will learn how to find successful pilot zones for your product, a loyal audience, successfully interact with business customers and clients, bring the product to the pilot and evaluate its effectiveness.
Digital business transformation and product approach
  • The role of Product Owner in the context of digital transformation of large businesses: four stages of maturity of digital transformation management
  • The role of Product Owner in the context of the challenges of filling and implementing a portfolio of digital initiatives
  • The role of Product Owner: Skills, competencies, artifacts, practices, knowledge
Product Owner role profile
  • Product Owner's artifacts, practices, knowledge
  • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Product Owner and Ownership - responsibility for the product as your business
  • Product Owner's professional competencies
  • Product Owner's soft skills
A framework for managing initiatives in a corporation
  • Artifact Model. Product Owner's artifacts and functional artifacts
  • Framework stages and their artifacts. Knowledge and practices.
  • TTM reduction, quick PnL wins through framework
  • Scaling Product Owners through the corporate framework model
Product Owner's skills in working on a product
  • The importance of the Discovery stage, researching the initiative. Working with hypotheses. Assessing the potential for product adoption. Risk management.
  • MVP. Piloting the initiative and generating business value. Selection of the pilot area. Selection of a loyal audience. Searching for alternative solutions.
  • Interaction with stakeholders, customers, business customers. Search for internal customers in the corporation.
  • Demo practice
  • Product metrics
  • Estimating economic effect of initiative
  • How Product Owner should combine Run and Change
Modern methodologies in Product Owner's work
  • Agile Planning
  • Community of practice
  • Peer-to peer
  • Product owner - product team leader
  • Product bundles, product ecosystem functions
Training methodologies
Problem&Project based learning
Training is practice-oriented. All skills are practiced in the implementation of specific projects aimed at solving the tasks of the function related to the company's strategy.
Blended Learning
The educational process is based on a blended learning methodology (offline + online, synchronous and asynchronous). This combination helps make it more effective and engaging.
Role-based learning
Training takes place according to the Product owner/Product manager business role, appropriate to market benchmarks (artifacts, practices, knowledge) and adapted to the specifics of the corporation.
CoP and Peer-to-peer
Community of practice and Peer-to-peer methodologies are applied during training, based on collaboration, sharing experiences, cases, and peer-to-peer insights.
Course features
Practice-oriented training, all Product owner/Product manager skills are practiced while working on a real project, in a convenient asynchronous mode on a modern educational platform, accompanied by tutors and experts
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For 10+ years work with major Russian and foreign corporations, creating educational systems, products, and transforming the culture of companies.

Author of the educational and enterprise platform Teal.One

Research and practice:
- Employee training, digital corporate university
- New educational technologies (blended learning, gamification, individual trajectories, community of practice, educational roles, preparation of business roles by skills and competencies map, etc.)
- Digitalization of recruiting, preparation of specialists demanded by the market
Roman Rabinovich
Founder of Neuromap
More than 15 years of experience in corporate training and edtech.
Training formats
We use our own edtech platform for role-based learning
About Neuromap
Neuromap specializes in digital and product transformation, product approach implementation, top management and in-house training. Diving deep into the client's problems, we personalize all programs and training materials to achieve measurable business results.
expert level
More than 30 senior level experts with 10+ years of experience in product approach implementation, digital transformation, product development, Digital Role Schools launch, tracking
Launch and support of Expertise Centers
15+ corporate universities based on the Expertise Center model with over 30 digital roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Architect, etc.)
Strategy and portfolio management: 10+ years of experience
20+ clients from the RBK 500, 10+ from the Forbes 200, 20+ portfolios, portfolio management initiatives from $2 to $50 million, result of +10% EBITDA in the first 3 years of digital transformation
Proprietary LXP platform
Teal.One's proprietary LXP platform for expertise scale and initiative portfolio management, used in large Russian and foreign companies
Launch of Product Owners and other roles schools
30+ schools of Top Managers, Product Owners, Scrum-masters, Data-analytics, Data Science. 500+ people trained. Over $100,000,000 effect on companies from trained employees
Framework for initiative management
TTM effect on initiatives due to framework implementation is reduced to 3-9 months. 30+ frameworks developed in industries: banking, industry, telecom, medicine, etc.
Neuromap clients
Product and digital competency training
Do you need practical content on digital transformation, product development, recommendations on how to put new tools into practice?
What Product Owners should know
Product owners training for product teams
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