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Organizational Change Management by Digital Tools
Use our tools and services based on one platform to build an effective collaborative environment for Digital Transformation Office day-to-day work
Быстрая и качественная организация сотрудников по департаментам компании вне офиса
Инструмент для организации рабочей деятельности. Разделение по сферам деятельности и департаментам в сроки от 2 дней до 3 недель. Все прозрачно, кто что делает, какие планы и задачи. Синхронизация, координация удаленно через цифровые продукты.
Фиксация ролей по департаментам и самоорганизация сотрудников вне офиса
Самостоятельное выполнение задач сотрудниками без микромеджемента, прямых указаний и контроля сверху мог самостоятельно выполнять ответственности и задачи этой роли.

Организация удаленных встреч и совещаний
Проведение эффективных встреч на удаление, используя зум и специальный инструмент для протоколирования встреч. Сотрудники могут не приходя в переговорку посмотреть, что обсудили, кто какие решения принял,
Digitalization the Task Tracking and Business Communication
Digitalizing all data from all incorporated task trackers, business chats and emails. Special tool is using for digitalization for corporate business meetings practice. Use different collaboration's methodologies inside of a methodology library: PMBook, Agile, Scrum, Less, Holacracy, Collab or Selforg and etc.
Digitalize metrics you are measuring influenced by Digital Transformation
Позволяет отслеживать метрики каждого отдела или сотрудника. Контролировать его эффективность с точки зрения влияния на конкретные бизнес- метрики и результаты. Это позволяет удаленному сотруднику контролировать свою эффективность.
Digitalize all data for Business Tension for Continuous Improvement
Visualization of problems, conflicts, remote solution of tasks together. Digitalization of the tensions and decision making process based on them gives you Tension-Driven Model or Continuous improvement transformation, or Kaizen, is a method for identifying opportunities for streamlining work and reducing waste. The practice was formalized by the popularity of Lean / Agile / Kaizen in manufacturing and business.
One Integration AI-based Platform for all App and Tools
The platform integrates with the RP system and other systems.

Digital Eco System based on one cognitive core source gives you possibility to integrate all the tool's and service's data in one data set
. You could use all the instruments for an everyday collaborative practices fast and easy and use the settings for enable/disable service for integration. All integrations built on special smart object model developed for Teal.One Digital Platform.
Отцифруйте бизнес-процессы
Инструмент для оптимизации бизнес-процессов. Используйте мотивацию сотрудников уходить на удаленную работу и опишите бизнес-процессы без помощи дорогостоящих консультантов.

Forget about the terrible information systems and excel tables for a company info. Using Scope Map App you would enjoy your organizational transparency with the powerful navigation tools in a beautiful design view.
Visualizing the business digital twin
Digital Twin of your Business
A digital twin is an exact digital replica of whole business operational model, or business unit, or business product, or business process or concrete business service. This living model creates in real-time mode a thread between the physical business model and digital business world. Data to Digital Twin could be collected by different types of activity: special digital audit service provided by Digital Transformation Office, or decentralized crowd-sourcing by employers, or collecting data from IT application's data bases, or data from Internet of things (IoT)-connected objects are replicated digitally, enabling simulations, testing, modeling and monitoring based on the data collected.
Тактическое управление операционной деятельностью компании в условиях удаленной работы. Прозрачность всех операций, планов, проектов для директората, акционеров, сотрудников, повышение эффективности и скорости работы.

Прозрачность всей операционной деятельности компании благодаря открытому и прозрачному списку всех действий

При переходе на удаленную работу требуется больше внимание к образованию сотрудников. Необходимо их дообучение как новым мягким навыкам, так и новым процессам. Используйте образовательную платформу для реализации данных задач.

Teal.One Scope Map Tool Developed on IBM Research's Knowledge graph Concept.
IBM Research developing AI technologies to connect and understand IoT data in new ways. We're combining machine learning with knowledge graph reasoning to enhance data being extracted from an IoT network. And we're also adding layers of semantic meaning to create new insights within the network. This technology is the Digital Thread at the core of each Digital Twin. It connects information along the lifecycle stages into a knowledge graph. This graph then enables new informed decisions and automation of processes.

By using a knowledge graph, we are able to organize data and its variables being extracted into groups and establish the relationships between the data sets and their variables. The knowledge graph provides a shared vocabulary of information that can be used to create a model of a domain, the types of data within it, their properties and the relationships between the data–and we are using natural language to do all of this.

As a result, our AI solution understands the meaning and the relationships between the different types of data within a network or system. This gives our research teams new ways to derive innovative insights from an IoT system and present them as new knowledge and information to end users.
IBM Knowledge graph for IoT at the IEEE flagship IoT conference World Forum IoT, in Singapore
A prototype of the virtual testing platform will be shown at the ENABLE-S3 consortium General Assembly, Review and Marketplace event. This is scheduled at our Research lab in Dublin on July 4, 2018.
Knowledge graph
Knowledge Graph by Scope Map Service - real-time continuous visualization of the current organizational design in your company.
Concepts and Methodologies
transition to remote management of employees.
Best Tool of 2017 for Reinventing your Organization by using our Scope Map Tool. For more information about new organizational structures and Teal organization's design read a Frederic Laloux's Book "Reinventing organizations: The epidemic of organizational disillusionment goes way beyond the Corporate America-teachers, doctors and nurses that are leaving their professions in the record numbers because of how the way we run schools and hospitals kills their vocation. Government agencies and nonprofits have a noble purpose, but working for these entities often feels soulless and lifeless just the same. All these organizations suffer from the power games that are played at the top and powerlessness at lower levels, from infighting and bureaucracy, from endless meetings and a seemingly never-ending succession of change and cost-cutting programs."

Teal Organizations:
Reinventing organizations, by Frederic Laloux, 2014: The way we manage organizations seems increasingly out of date.
How the "Scope Map" App Works?
To start using "Scope Map" Service for your organization's structure surfacing and transformation, go through a short educational tutorial by clicking the button below.
tool for products teams
Various Tools for Self-Management and collaboration workplace for product teams and other business units teams. Team Manager or Cirlce Manager is mostly used to manage and to mature measure of the team attributes, such as: maturity of the business roles inside of the concrete team, Team Policy maturity, Team Purpose and Product purpose, Maturity for collaboration culture and decision making, maturity of the self-management. Also Circle Manager gives to all organization full transparency and culture of openness
Cirlce Manager is the deepest Service for implementing Holacracy Transformation or other self-management transformation. Explore the Circle Manager Self-Organization Workflow and Holacracy fundamental Concept in Book "Holocracy" by Brian Robertson's : "The main problems of large companies are bureaucracy and strict hierarchy. In this situation, employees are limited to job descriptions and the will of the manager, over which there is a couple of managers, the CEO and the board of directors. Any decisions are taken either incredibly long, or bypassing the rules and regulations. The rights and duties of each employee are reliably fixed in the job description, which rarely has anything in common with reality. This leads to absolute opacity and blurring of responsibility - there is no understanding of who is doing what and with whom to ask for something. CEO painfully motivates CTO, CTO calls on the carpet of the project manager, he blames all product-hunters, then goes to the teamleads and ordinary developers. All are guilty, and who will correct it is not clear." Brian J. Robertson, Holacracy, 2015

The Holacracy:
by Brian Robertson, 2015. The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World
Check out "Circle Manager" App Tutorial
In order to start working with the "Circles Manager" App, different tools and services, go through a short educational tutorial by clicking the button below.
Meeting tool SERVICE
Well-designed and Powerful Meeting Tool Service for collaborative team empowers transformation of organization's meeting practice and the whole communication culture. Special library integrated into an App allowing to hold meetings practice on the various collaborative methodologies (Holacracy Tactical, Holacracy Governance, Collab, Self-Org) and also to develop own methodology library, templates of meetings and scenarios in an additional Meeting Tool Editor App.
Most comfortable way to transform your regular meeting practice: More than 120+ best practices for implementing meeting flow. Explore more about Meeting practice and Collaboration Methodology in Cecile Green Book, "Collaboration that Works": A Ruthlessly Practical Handbook for a Generative World. "This is a book for the mission-driven individuals and organizations committed to create a better world. It is a powerful training manual for an efficient and highly learnable set of communication practices, CollabTM. These practices collaboratively, rapidly metabolize the organizational challenges into productive solutions for all kinds of organizations, delivering a more effective organization, capable of realizing it's goals expediently. Beginning with an introduction to a new theory of power and communication, this book also includes 52 black and white meeting practice cards with a step by step implementation guide, access to assessments and a comprehensive tracking system.", Cecile Green and Daniel Little

Cecile Green, D.Little
Collaboration that Works is a book for mission-driven individuals and organizations committed to creating a better world.
Explore Meeting Tool and Meeting Editor
Before you start an active work with the best meeting's practices, integrated into Meeting Tool methodology library, please visit the educational tutorial on mastering the basic functionality of the meeting tool and meeting editor service.
teal university app
We organise special Teal Corporate University App that collected all the Teal practices and knowledge base from the most professional sources, like Brian Robertson's Holacracy Studies, Ken Wilber's Integral Theory Studies, Clare Graves's and Don Beck's Spiral Dynamic Study, Cecile Green's Collab Study, Jesper Kunde's Corporate Religion Study and other best learning sources from the best teal practices and methodologies. Special Learning Library constructed in a new edge educational technology for step by step people's habits transformation process inside organization and aimed to shift people's personal and interpersonal culture in such aspect as communications, behavioral model and mindset level of development.
We are the library for innovators. Connect your organization to the source of the start-up energy. Many books have been written about Silicon Valley and the collection of geniuses, eccentrics and mavericks who launched the "Digital Revolution"; Robert X. Cringely's Accidental Empires and Michael A. Hiltzik's Dealers of Lightning are just two excellent accounts of the unprecedented explosion of tech entrepreneurs and their game-changing success.

But Walter Isaacson goes them one better: The Innovators, his follow-up to the massive (in both sales and size) Steve Jobs, is probably the widest-ranging and most comprehensive narrative of them all. Don't let the scope or a page-count deter you: while Isaacson builds the story from the 19th century--innovator by innovator, just as the players themselves stood atop the achievements of their predecessors, his discipline and era-based structure allows readers to dip in and out of digital history, from Charles Babbage's Difference Engine to Alan Turing.

The Innovators:
How a Group of Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
Pass the Teal University App Tutorial
Before incorporating visual aids into speeches, the speaker should understand that if it's used incorrectly, the visual will be a distraction.
collaboration news feed app
The Collaboration News Feed App allows you to customize the information notifications and smart news exchange of your organization. It also allows to make various notification's setting for you being notified about any project news, people actions, scope governance transformation or any other news with the very tiny and smart settings variations that empower the effectiveness of teamwork and smart cooperation.
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