Agile and agile planning
for middle and function managers
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About the course
The course is designed to train managers and executives of corporations and companies in Agile planning practices that allow them to quickly respond to customer requests, market challenges in unstable and unpredictable conditions, improve personal and team efficiency and achieve excellent economic performance. All acquired skills are mastered in integration with real work tasks and can be immediately applied in their solution. We teach how to move toward a long-term goal while flexibly adjusting short-term strategies.
Applied theory, specific cases. Practice from real business tasks.
Agile educational trajectory, assignments with templates, error analysis
Peer-to-peer coaching methodology skills training
Final certification with confirmation of qualification
The course will be useful for
Middle managers are given the skills they need to improve their personal performance and ensure that departmental and team employees get their tasks done in a timely manner, communicate clearly, quickly, comfortably, and get business results. They can then teach agile planning to the employees for whom they are responsible.
Function managers
Managers master agile planning tools that allow them to effectively organize their time and the time of their employees, avoid independent decision of a number of tasks and delegate them to other team members, switching to the successful implementation of the company strategy, the strategic objectives of the function and increase its overall effectiveness.
Training results
Improving employee and business performance
The problem of time management is solved, line employees and managers quickly and optimally plan their work, managing to do more in the same time and get the results necessary for the business.
Competitiveness in an unstable environment
A new corporate culture of agile planning and communication is emerging, allowing you to respond quickly to changes in the market and customer demands, avoiding losses and making the right decisions.
Improved business performance
The time of employees and managers is no longer wasted on solving tasks and performing actions that do not lead to profit, so there is an increase in business performance.
Agile and agile planning: advantages
  • What is Agile and why agile management and planning is necessary in today's VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). Understanding the Agile concept
  • Agile vs waterfall - agile vs rigid planning, application cases
  • Flat structures and Agile. Terminology. "Horizontal" and "vertical" collaboration in the VUCA world, performance evaluation
  • Case study discussion on rigid and agile planning
  • Practice - Blended Communication in today's digital environment. Communication through a visual product (visualization of communication)
Work with the backlog
  • The concept of a backlog, its components
  • The skill of being specific in work on the backlog
  • Skill of setting purposes in work with the backlog
  • Skill of metrization of actions in work with the backlog
  • Skill of prioritization when working with the backlog
  • Practice: learning to make a personal action backlog
Task tracking
  • Task backlog tracking session
  • Artifact model
  • Structure of a tracking session
  • Practice - Tracking session of the task backlog
  • Tracking session of the employee task backlog: obligatory artifact on completion
  • The importance of setting ambitious goals
Community of practice - holding effective meetings
  • CoP methodology (CoP meeting success checklist). Difference in Agile, flat structures and rigid scheduling meetings
  • Role structure. Roles involved in CoP
  • Preparation for COP meeting
  • Facilitator and facilitation (Facilitator success checklist)
  • Oral and written (digitized) product of the meeting
  • Mandatory product of any CoP meeting - improvement of an artifact given by a practitioner
  • Artifact as a mandatory product of any СоР meeting
  • Practicing CoP with a facilitator, blended communications
Training methodologies
Problem & Project based learning
Training is practice-oriented. All skills are practiced in the implementation of specific projects aimed at solving the tasks of the function related to the company's strategy.
Blended Learning
The educational process is based on a blended learning methodology (offline + online, synchronous and asynchronous). This combination helps to make it more effective and engaging.
Role-based learning
Training takes place according to the business role of Manager/Middle-manager/Top-manager, corresponding to market benches (artifacts, practices, knowledge) and adapted to the specifics of the corporation.
CoP and Peer-to-peer
Community of practice and Peer-to-peer methodologies are applied during training, based on collaboration, sharing experiences, cases, and peer-to-peer insights.
Course highlights
Practice-oriented training, all the skills of the manager/function manager are practiced in integration with the work tasks, in a convenient asynchronous mode on a modern educational platform, accompanied by tutors and experts.
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Agile and agile planning
Agile and agile planning
For middle and function managers
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